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"   ..... it is beyound any question, rice industry has an overwhelming influence on national economy .."
Recent Activities
Programs and Activities
In the first few ~ months after the establishment of the Bangladesh Rice Foundation (BRF) in February 2002, the Board of Trustees devoted time in formulating the working strategy and identifying the programmatic thrusts of the Foundation for the first few years.. In April 2002, the Program Committee was constituted for advising the Board on all matters related to programs and activities of the Foundation (details on the Committee are reported elsewhere in this volume).
Programmatic thrust
Consistent with the mission and objectives of BRF indicated earlier, activities of the Foundation will fall within the following three broad program categories:
1 . Research. The emphases in research are on policy issues of the rice sector. BRF's concern in research is selective and priority is given to such important broad issues as production sustainability, rice export potential, food security, and welfare of all people in the rice production to consumption chain.
2. Communication and advocacy. Activities in this area cover major rice related issues and their possible solutions that require special communication and media support for eliciting them to the attention of the public as well as the policy makers. The aim here is to bring about improvements in relevant policies.
Awareness and promotion of culture and tradition. The objective of this program area is to create in the society at large a greater awareness of the richness of the heritage and culture centering on rice as a crop and as food, and to promote actions for their better
appreciation and preservation. At the core of this programmatic thrust is the concern that much of these precious rice centered culture, art, and tradition are ~ disappearing from the life of especially that of the urban dwellers.
A, summary of the major activities that were conducted by BRF during, the past nearly two years of its existence are described below.,
Activities for the medium term
A large number of possible themes under the three program areas indicated above were considered for BRF's research and development for the medium term, i.e. for the first five years of the Foundation. These themes came as suggestions from various sources, including recommendations made at the workshop on Next Step in Rice held in January 2003. These were first deliberated on by the Program Committee. On the basis of national priority, BRF's research capacity, and resource considerations, the Program Committee made a shorter list and placed them before the Board of Trustees for discussion (see below). After considerable deliberations, the Board selected a few of them (ones with asterisk) for addressing or initiating in 2003 2004:
a)  Rice databank development and maintenance at BRF
b)  National rice policy
c)  Potential of exporting fine and aromatic rice
d)  Publication of rice bulletin
e) Impact of trade liberalization on the rice sector
f)  Rice value addition through improved processing and use of new technologic
g)  Observance of the International Year of Rice 2004
h)  Protecting farmers' rights to preservation of traditional rice resources, Rice seed replacement, Reducing rice production and
     harvest losses
k)  Diversification of food habits to reduce dependence on rice and to improve nutrition

l) National land use planning to reduce unproductive use of rice land for sustained food security

m) Organic rice cultivation

n) Rice fish system

o) comfortable trading and pulling profits